Kim&Kang Martial ArtsCLASSES


1. Tiny Class (Ages 4-6)
A fun introduction to beginner martial arts for preschoolers ages 4 to 6. Skills, drills, and games teach important values like self-control, focus, confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, teamwork, manners, respect and a positive attitude.
2. Children Class (Ages 7-12)
Your child will begin by practicing basic patterns and forms, kicking, blocking, striking, punching, board breaking. These fundamental skills will increase your child's physical coordination, flexibility, balance, and mental acumen. Classes are divided by age and skill to provide the best possible match of teaching style to students' needs.
3. Teen & Adults Class
Our teen & adult classes offer a comprehensive fitness program with the added benefit of self defense skills and an increase in mental, physical and emotional strength.
4. Family Class
Family classes are an excellent way to spend time with your kids while learning new skills and getting some exercise! We have two classes per week where parents and children are invited to take class together. These classes are mixed rank and include a variety of group drills and drills separated by age and rank so that all participants make the most of the class.
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